A Web3 Learning and Teaching Marketplace
Blockchain Technology and crypto adoption are growing but the educational aspect of it is mostly being neglected and new users ends up falling victims of what they don't understand or familiar with, Calculux Edufi is a decentralized learning platform where users learn basically everything about web3.0, Blockchain Technology and crypto as a whole. At the end of any level completed, a user earn reward for completing a learning task. Both the author and the user earn. It gives the Author an avenue to showcase his work and craft ideas in details. The platform is designed to give learners a learning milestones, each milestone you meet will have a reward for it and at the end of your learning process, you will get a certificate as an NFT.
One of the biggest challenges to crypto and blockchain adoption is "Blockchain Education", we are trying to bridge this gap. If users can “Move To Earn”(socialfi/fitfi) which has to do with physical fitness and excercies then users can “Learn To Earn”(Edufi) which has to do with education.
It is a platform that promotes blockchain education. Like Udemy and Coursera; but for blockchain. On EDUFI, post creators and the learners (i.e. those reading the posts) both get rewarded with tokens which can be converted to cash. So, it’s like a win-win for everyone. The simple idea is to promote blockchain education and get rewarded for it, whether as a creator or an learner.
  • Creators can chose to use first six characters of their address as User ID or user other unique web3 user ids like ENS.
  • User will be able to connect web3 wallets
  • Post editor interface with markdown styling for proper arrangement of the course materials
  • Publish button
  • Courses can be edited by the creator/tutor but can’t be deleted
  • Courses has timestamps and IDs that can be tracked through explorer
  • Users can be able to comment
  • Platform will have a trending Courses /topics page
  • Users will be able to chose a niche and filter Courses/topics related to it**


Blockchain technology is a sophisticated and great broad technology to mankind. As great as it is, many still don't understand it. Lot of people still see it as a completely complicated piece of technology. Edufi will create an avenue for creators and blockchain professionals to showcase their knowledge and let other newbies and intermediate users learn from them. By so we can get more people understanding how Blockchain Technology works and of course this will boost the adoption.
Unlike web2(Centralized Web) which has been here for many years and users data and contents are owned and managed by centralized entities who own the platform they are being created on.... web3.0(Decentralized web) is a new internet that gives ownership of data and contents to the creators and users. Our Edufi platform will create an avenue for users to market and own their web3 related courses and contents while exploring other topics on the platform.
Currently in Nigeria, The Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) has be on strike for more than a year, that is what a centralized system does. Imagine a situation where lectures publish their courses curriculum and breakdown online and students are able to study from home even when their school system is on strike. Calculux Edufi aims at achieving that.
Secondly, during the Covid-19 period, all schools and universities were closed among the affected regions a long period of time and students forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. Calculux Edufi aims at providing a platform where students can always learn online around the world with just having access to the internet.


Many countries across the world cannot make have access to web2 education platforms like Udemy and coursera due to limitations and restrictions of international fiat payments gateways. Calculux Edufi uses Blockchain to facilitate payment there by providing a cryptocurrency payment option to for users therefore, users who can't buy courses through fiat gateways will have to opportunity to make payments through crypto and acquire the modern web3 skills of their choice. Secondly, Calculux Edufi platform offers high quality and advanced courses in a very affordable way to enable people from third world countries have access to proper modern education.
Calculux Edufi a decentralized learn to earn platform built for everyone. No matter the skill you have, from skill 'A' to skill 'Z'. As long as you have a web3.0 wallet, any user from any part of the world can showcase their original craft on the platform, teaching people how the each their unique results. Calculux Edufi is has no boundaries and decentralized, it's a multichain platform any blockchain can connect to it.
We plan to recruit lots of ambassadors globally; their work is to host awareness campaigns in colleges and universities to teach them the importance of decentralized learning and orientation on how to explore Calculux Edufi platform to learn about Blockchain and web3 and many other topics while earning some money as they study online.
This approach will not only boost the adoption of blockchain technology and web3 but also create enabling environment for users especially the newbies to learn a lot of things they don't know about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and emerging web3.

Calculux will connect web3 with education and Defi


The table below shows the competitive advantages of our Edufi over other web2 Educational marketplaces