Token Total supply: 300M($CAX)
Token Name: Calculux Finance
Token Ticker : $CAX
300M maximum supply, no additional minting, no inflation!

Token Utility

Calculux Finance($CAX)as a native utility token can be used for:
  • As a payment option on our Marketplace
  • As a reward token on our Edufi platform
  • As a pool token on our launchpad
  • Users use $CAX to participate on token sales on our launchpad
  • Participating in governance voting
  • Participating in staking
  • Special NFT drops

Token Allocation

See the banner bellow
Calculux Finance Tokenomics

Liquidity Mining /Yield Farming

Yield farming will allow users to earn $CAX token while supporting the calculux swap pool.
Calculux finance farming will be of two types.
  1. 1.
    Liquidity Pool Farming
  2. 2.
    Staking $CAX


The airdrops tokens are for the community engagement, It will be distributed to eligible participants after the allocated period of event, will be communicated to the community.

Buy Back and Burn

There will be a quarterly burn until 5 percent of the totally supply of $CAX token is completely burnt. We will also have a periodic token buy back from the open market.

Team Token

Team token will be locked for two years and then release quarterly over 48 months.

Marketing/Foundation/Ecosystem Dev Funds

These will be released according to the DAO voting for marketing and ecosystem developments.