What Is Calculux (CAX)?
Calculux is a web3 ecosystem, leveraging education and decenctralized finance. Calculux has three products on one platform which includes: Edufi, Launchpad and Digital marketplace, so Calculux is a combination of three robust products in one platform. We are chain-agnostic ecosystem where users doesn't need to leave the platform to be able to Learn, sale digital products and participate in token sales on our Launchpad.

What problems do Calculux solve?

Our four products are solving problems in their respective categories:


Blockchain technology is a sophisticated and great broad technology to mankind. As great as it is, many still don't understand it. Lot of people still see it as a completely complicated piece of technology. Edufi will create an avenue for creators and blockchain learned professionals to showcase their knowledge and let other newbies and intermediate users learn from them. By so doing we can get more people understand how Blockchain Technology works and boost its adoption.
Unlike web2(Centralized Web) which has been here for many years and users data and contents are owned and managed by centralized entities who own the platform they are being created on.... web3.0(Decentralized web) is a new internet that gives ownership of data and contents to the creators and users. Our Edufi platform will create an avenue for users to market and own their web3 related courses and contents while exploring other topics on the platform.
Currently in Nigeria, The Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) has be on strike for more than a year, that is what a centralized system does. Imagine a situation where lectures publish their courses curriculum and breakdown online and students are able to study from home even when their school system is on strike. Calculux Edufi aims at achieving that.
Secondly, during the Covid-19 period, all schools and universities were closed among the affected regions a long period of time and students forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. Calculux Edufi aims at providing a platform where students can always learn online around the world with just having access to the internet.


Many countries across the world cannot make have access to web2 education platforms like Udemy and coursera due to limitations and restrictions of international fiat payments gateways. Calculux Edufi uses Blockchain to facilitate payment there by providing a cryptocurrency payment option to for users therefore, users who can't buy courses through fiat gateways will have to opportunity to make payments through crypto and acquire the modern web3 skills of their choice. Secondly, Calculux Edufi platform offers high quality and advanced courses in a very affordable way to enable people from third world countries have access to proper modern education.
Calculux Edufi a decentralized learn to earn platform built for everyone. No matter the skill you have, from skill 'A' to skill 'Z'. As long as you have a web3.0 wallet, any user from any part of the world can showcase their original craft on the platform, teaching people how the each their unique results. Calculux Edufi is has no boundaries and decentralized, it's a multichain platform any blockchain can connect to it.
We plan to recruit lots of ambassadors globally; their work is to host awareness campaigns in colleges and universities to teach them the importance of decentralized learning and orientation on how to explore Calculux Edufi platform to learn about Blockchain and web3 and many other topics while earning some money as they study online.
This approach will not only boost the adoption of blockchain technology and web3 but also create enabling environment for users especially the newbies to learn a lot of things they don't know about cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology and emerging web3.

Calculux will connect web3 with education and Defi


Calculux marketplace aim to be more than just an NFT marketplace but a comprehensive digital marketplace. It is designed to be a full digital marketplace using blockchain technology, categorized based based on the type of digital product a user is selling.
Calculuxpad is a community user friendly decentralized token launchpad where projects can easily and seamlessly launch their own token with the support and engagement of the community. It is aimed at solving the problem of projects looking for a secure and easy to use launchpad that is transparent and community oriented. This is designed to let the community have the chance to read about a particular project and know exactly what they are participating in.
With a user-friendly and well researched built-in exceptional user experience, the calculux Launchpad will expand the reach of Defi to users across continents. Designed to give the community the ability to decide which project is worth launching through community voting, our major priority is to enable the community learn about the project and know what they are involving in before getting into. We believe this mechanism will help eliminate scam and no use-case projects from the ecosystem.


Centralized platforms can easily restrict or ban your account if you fail to meet “their terms”. So the validity of your account depends on their terms not yours. At Calculux, with any web3 wallet, a users have access to our platform from anywhere in the world and are in full control of their accounts
Centralized platforms has high transaction fees and minimum withdrawal amount, so it is difficult for low account owners to use.
Centralized platforms hold and manage users assets, you have to request for your funds and wait for approval before getting it, the decision and time of approval depends on them not you.


Calculux Finance aims to be the next generation of platform, by solving all limitations of centralized ecosystems. Taking advantage of Binance Smartchain , a blazing fast & cost-effective ecosystem. Ultimately, it sets an ambitious but achievable goal to show the world that centralization is the past and DAO is the future.
People from certain region across the globe still can’t access most Centralized platforms for their dat to day needs. Calculux Ecosystem is decentralized which makes it possible for anyone anywhere around the world to access and utilize our platform. Calculux is built for the people.
Calculux Finance runs on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Fees are lower than other platforms.
Interact directly from your web3 wallet app. Unlike centralized platforms , Calculux doesn’t hold your funds (It is Non-Custodian): you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.

Calculux Finance As The People's choice

Calculux is an all-encompassing web3 ecosystem, breaking the knowledge-gap and leveraging education and provide decentralised finance services. To provide an all-encompassing solution, Calculux finance utilizes three dimensions of blockchain: EduFi, Launchpad and Digital Marketplace. Calculux Platform is a chain-agnostic ecosystem which is a combination of four robust products in one platform. Users are able to Learn, Mint-List-sell digital products and also participate in LaunchPads.
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